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Date : 17-01-31 17:15
[Online Publication] KACP Collaborative Research Report 'Gender Justice and Democracy in Asia'
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The KACP Collaborative Research Report is a result of [Phase 3] Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Project (KACP) on Education and Exchange Program for Young Scholars in Women’s Studies funded by ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund and conducted from January-December 2016.

This KACP Collaborative Research Report presents 18 research studies conducted by six collaborative teams commissioned to address these contested issues and themes: (1) violence against women; (2) peace, environment, and security; (3) ethnicity, religion, and sexuality; (4) gender, migration, and culture; (5) femininity, pop-culture, and the beauty industry; and (6) gender, sex/sexuality education and culture. Each of the 18 research articles underwent review and revision resulting from research development workshops in Bangkok, Thailand and the discussions and comments by the coordinators and other suggestions received from the senior scholars and the larger audience at the 4th Congress of AAWS in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It is very important to note that the research results presented here have been submitted for publication consideration to the Asian Journal of Women’s Studies (AJWS), a quarterly SSCI-indexed journal owned by the Asian Center for Women’s Studies of Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea and published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis, the leading publisher in social sciences based in the UK. Submission of any of these research articles to another journal is prohibited while these papers are still on screening process by AJWS. Citations are also not permitted without the knowledge of the research collaborator, coordinator or the KACP Secretariat.

Overall Summary

[Theme 1] Violence Against Women

[Introduction] On Culture, Human Rights, and the Politics of Crafting Laws to Protect Women against Domestic Violence: Case Studies from Myanmar, Lao PDR and South Korea / Odine de Guzman
1. Reflecting the Past, Sharing the Present: Anti-Domestic Violence and the Discourse of Women’s Human Rights / MinSook Heo
2. Legal Protection Afforded to Women Against Domestic Violence in Myanmar/ Htun Su Yin
3. Reducing Violence Against Women and Children on End Child Marriage inLao PDR / Viengdavong Luangsithideth

[Theme 2] Peace, Environment, and Security
[Introduction] Peace, Environment, and Security: Gendered Dynamics of Struggles within Multilayered Power Relations / Mia Siscawati
4. Uncovering the Sub-Alternity: The Peace Process in Women’s Perspectives, Narratives, and Agencies / Eka Srimulyani
5. Strengthening Feminist Leadership for Effective and Sustainable Peace Building Process in Myanmar / Mai Aye Aye Aung
6. Seeing the Land as a Woman: The Role of Kinship and Conjugal Relationship in Access to Land and Forest in Kala Tongu Village, Central Highlands of Vietnam / Phan Phuong Hao

[Theme 3] Ethnicity, Religion, and Sexuality
[Introduction] Ethnicity, Religion, and Sexuality / Noraida Endut
7. Beyond ‘Moral Capital’: Competing Idea of Piety and Sexuality in PublicSphere Behind the Story of Indonesian Women’s Path to Politics/ Kurniawati Hastuti Dewi
8. Going with the Faith in Islam: Experiences, Challenges and Issues for Female Muslim Students in the Deep South of Thailand Entering into Marriage While Studying in University / Preeya Keawpimon
9. Femininity in Everyday Life: Experiences of Malay Women in Malaysia / Premalatha Karupiah

[Theme 4] Gender, Migration, and Culture
[Introduction] Gender and Migration: Asian Women on the Move / Julia Jiwon Shin
10. Gender Differential Patterns and Use of Remittances of Indonesian Female Domestic Workers: Empowerment and Poverty Reduction / Elisabeth Dewi
11. Regulatory Governance in Marriage Migration: What Love Got to Do with it? / Melanie M. Reyes
12. Asian Women on the Move: Women’s Labor Migration from Cambodia / Top Davy

[Theme 5] Femininity, Pop-Culture, and the Beauty Industry
[Introduction] Femininity, Pop Culture, and Beauty Industry / Chalidaporn Songsamphan
13. How Modest is Modest Fashion? Exploring Notions of Modesty Within the Context of Muslim Women’s Hypervisibility on Instagram / Norainie Ahmad
14. The Trans-Asia Politics of K-Beauty: Focusing on Images at ‘E-Dae Ap’ (in front of Ewha Womans University) Cosmetics Shops / Kim, Hyun Gyung
15. Femininity in the Auto/Biographies of Ageing Female Celebrities: Portraying Third Age in Contemporary Indonesian Culture / Aquarini Priyatna

[Theme 6] Gender, Sex/Sexuality Education, and Culture
[Introduction] Gender, Sex/Sexuality Education, and Culture / Aileen C. Park
16. The Implementation of Sex Education for Adolescent Group in Indonesia:The Tension between the Grand Narratives and the Local Interpretations / Desintha D. Asriani
17. Sexuality Education and Media: Towards Feminist Media Literacy / Joohee Kim and Hyun-Gyung Kim
18. Sexuality Education in Singapore Primary Schools: An initial Analysis / Mercy Karuniah Jesuvadian

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